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EnviTec-Biogas is a German based anaerobic digester company. With over 500 digesters in 20 countries, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to ensure successful deployment of our technology in the USA. Our USA office is in Skaneateles, NY. We have 4 digesters in operation in NY.

Point of Contact: Steve McGlynn (

Kraft Power Corp

Kraft Power Corp is a New England based company with over 50 years of experience in power generation. We provide our Customers with combined heat and power (CHP) solutions in the anaerobic digestion market, by combining our high quality products and expert technical service.

Point of Contact: Jeff Larsen (

Martin Construction Resource

Martin Construction Resource has designed and built over one hundred agricultural digesters, the first being constructed in 1982. Today, MCR routinely provides round, mixed-tank-digester and covered-lagoon-digester designs for bio-gas production from farm and/or food waste.

Point of Contact: Angela McEliece (

Milton CAT

Milton CAT, the Northeast Dealer for Caterpillar power systems and machinery, provides product and after-the-sale support for the marine, prime and standby power generation industries, as well as the construction, forestry, agriculture, governmental, paving, scrap, demolition, and waste.

Point of Contact: Frank Kreidemaker (

PlanET Biogas

PlanET is a leading international company with the latest European as well as American technology. They have built over 400 digesters including 16 in North America. In 2017 PlanET USA began prioritizing Vermont and farms are now serviced by Director Northeast Sales, Jim Muir, based in Connecticut.

Point of Contact: Jim Muir (

Scott Equipment Co and Tank Connection (EV Systems)

Scott Equipment Turbo Separator - the industry leading system for depackaging and de-contaminating organic waste. Tank Connection - Bolted steel digester tanks + other dry bulk and liquid storage EV Systems New England - rep. of bulk material storage, processing and air pollution control equipment

Point of Contact: Corey Plucker (

Skinner AgSolutions, Inc

N.A. Distributor of AL-2 Nutruent Recovery system. Also master distributor for Flygt mixers & pumps. Also Boerger pumps and manure separators, Lash SS knife gate valves, Goulds pumps & controls, Godwin pumps (sales & rentals), and now Xylem Analyticals ( flow meters, sensors, gas & liquid monitors)

Point of Contact: Rob Skinner (

Statewide Aquastore Inc

Statewide Aquastore Inc Premium Water and Wastewater Storage Tanks

Point of Contact: Annie Wheeler (